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Your partner for Future-proof library technology

Society is changing and libraries are supporting this change. Nexbib dynamically develops its solutions and concepts and are at your side as a proactive and forward-looking source of inspiration.

Nexbib pulls together with you: We want to strengthen the standing of public libraries within the community and support academic libraries in the vital role they play for their users. Together we analyse your needs, together we define an ideal solution.

We use modern technologies where they are most useful for your library. With service excellence as one of our central guiding principles, we not only want to satisfy our customers, but also inspire your staff and create long term stakeholders in the libraries success.

We listen, we empathise and with our experience, we work with you to find the best outcome for your library.

Together for the future

Responsibility towards the environment, resources and team is an essential part of our company philosophy. Nexbib maintains a high awareness of environmental policy paired with a healthy curiosity and perseverance to implement a strategy with sustainable innovations that will be still valuable for the generations to come. We expect the same ethos from our partners.

Flexibility characteries our thinking, our way of working and our product portfolio. Inclusion and accessibility are firmly embedded in our  culture and in product development: the basis for participation and a sharing community.

A high level of future viability is the core of our ecosystem

A resource-saving production in the Nordic countries and sustainable, certified materials characterize our portfolio. We avoid plastic, pollutants, waste and long transport routes wherever possible. A reuse and upcycling strategy, long supported life cycles and a high level of repairability serve to contribute to the circular economy within libraries.

Get to know your Nex.pert

Our passion for libraries is paired with professional, deep level knowledge which ensures we do not lose sight of your goal. We are curious, enthusiastic and have many years of experience in the library sector.

We understand the importance of proximity and remain committed to being always locally on your doorstep. You can find many of us here.

Ask and challenge us! We're here for you.


Sven Mønsted Hilm
Managing Director
+45 21 28 78 36 s.hilm@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Phillip Sykes
Managing Director
UK + Ireland
+44 7979 59 42 30 p.sykes@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Sven Carlson
Managing Director
+ 41 44 585 27 90 s.carlson@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Tedde Julén
Managing Director
+46 70 789 1182 t.julen@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Markus Rösch
Managing Director
+49 7121 15 998 60 m.roesch@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Scott Hackstadt
President of North America
+1 (805) 270-3222 s.hackstadt@nexbib.com LinkedIn

Open. Democratic. Flexible. This is our vision of a forward-looking library for a diverse community: today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Phillip Sykes . Nexbib

Consulting + Sales

Carsten Scheel
International Sales Director
+45 44 14 14 10 c.scheel@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Simon Peacock
Commercial Director UK + Ireland
+44 7495 60 25 77 s.peacock@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Alexander Selje
Sales | Bid-Management
+49 7121 15 998 63 a.selje@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Sven Carlson
Partner Business International
+41 44 585 27 90 s.carlson@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Madeleine Öfwerström
Consulting + Sales Sweden
+46 703 830 980 m.ofwerstrom@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Miruna Tanilian
Partner Business International
+41 79 76 76 411 m.tanilian@nexbib.com
Marco Gerritsen
Business Development Manager
+31 6 396 7878 2 m.gerritsen@nexbib.com LinkedIn


Frederik Nilsson
Global SCM Management
+45 69 16 11 12 f.nilsson@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Mark Beer
Customer Program Manager
UK + Ireland
+44 7391 13 56 60 m.beer@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Mark Rosewicz
Project- and
Sustainability Management
+49 7121 15 998 60 m.rosewicz@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Frank Danielsen
Project Management
+45 44 14 27 27 f.danielsen@nexbib.com
Konstantin Kuba
Project Management
+49 173 669 12 27 k.kuba@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Marco Sauer
Project Management
Support Germany
+49 7121 15 998 64 m.sauer@nexbib.com
Alexander Menden
Service + Support
+49 174 253 29 65 a.menden@nexbib.com
Peter Pfeiffer
Service + Support
+49 173 415 1631 p.pfeiffer@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Martin Bertelsen
Service + Support
+45 69 16 11 12 m.bertelsen@nexbib.com
Truls Hanner Sanchez
Project Management
+46 760 29 82 95 t.hanner@nexbib.com
Tom Meermann
Project Management
Support Germany
+49 152 24 87 97 61 t.meermann@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Simon Knudsen
Service + Support
+46 760 21 57 90 s.knudsen@nexbib.com

Development | Marketing

Hans Hvelplund Odborg
Product Development
+45 20 62 62 66 h.odborg@nexbib.com LinkedIn
Birgit Lindl
Communication + Marketing Europa
+49 7121 15 998 65 b.lindl@nexbib.com LinkedIn