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Are you interested in our latest technological developments, future strategies and library projects? You will find the latest news from all over Europe.

Nexbib spreads its wings to the North American market

Nexbib, a leading provider of cutting-edge library technology solutions, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Scott Hackstadt as President of North America, effective February 1, 2024. This marks Nexbib's expansion into new markets, with a commitment to serving the library industry in the USA and Canada.

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The Royal Danish Library consisting of 18 research and academic libraries are building their future with Nexbib

This Autumn, the comprehensive modernisation project of the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, including the world-renowned Black Diamond, was chosen in favour of Nexbib. The use of sustainable, modular technologies to ensure energy-saving, climate-friendly and accessible operation were important factors in the tender…

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