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Nexbib's product range has been designed to provide flexibility for the future. With a balance of innovation and good design practice evident across the portfolio, the range is intuitive in its use and modular in its design. It's this approach to product design that puts our customers at the heart of our products we create.

With our commitment to long-term service and support, our development team works to international standards and best practices to make systems compatible and processes simple, ensuring that you are supported now and in the future.

With our ecosystem, you can take small steps and gradually expand to a seamlessly integrated solution at any time. Individual concepts, tailor-made solutions, flexible thinking and action: we make it designed for you!

The tasks of a library are constantly evolving, evolve with them.

With just a few clicks! This is how self-service works today. Creating free space for your staff and at the same time increasing sales and borrowing.
Return + Sorting
Returning, transporting and sorting library items by hand was yesterday! Free your staff from back-straining activities. Speed up everyday processes.
Shelves + Lockers
Your community will love your extended selection of items to borrow, the 24/7 pick-up of reserved items as well as your charging cabinet for laptops or the return to the intelligent book shelf.
Open Library
Open whenever your visitors are free: early in the morning, midday, late in the evening or on weekends. Flexible, safe and tailored to your needs.
Security + Detection
Secure your analogue inventory. Record your visitor numbers in real time. Use meaningful statistics for your personnel planning and room utilisation.
Staff Tools
Whether stock maintenance, inventory, conversion or check-out at the counter. With our counter and inventory solutions, you can process items quickly and reliably.

We expect the renewal of the library technology to provide us with a significant increase in service, especially at off-peak times, i.e. early in the morning and later in the evening. With self-checkout in the collection area, our readers can now borrow items during the entire opening hours from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. That’s six hours more service every day.

Heidi Meyer . State Library Berlin . Germany