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Streamline everyday tasks Stock maintenance + counter booking

Make routine activities for your team as convenient and quick as possible. We offer the latest generation of software and hardware to simplify recurring workflows in everyday library life as much as possible. Your team will be happy with the reduced burden of these routine tasks, creating more time for them to focus on other activities.

Simple processes
thanks to Nex.Station

Media processing and stock maintenance at the counter should be as quick and easy as possible. With a Nex.Station, your team is well equipped at the workplace. Our software environment, ensures smooth, efficient workflows.

  • Convenient inventory management
  • Rapid initialisation and writing of transponders
  • RFID booking in batch
  • Counter posting for media packages / valuable inventory
  • Mounting on or under the table top

Fast on the road
with Nex.Inventory

You need a reliable, mobile solution for up-to-date stock management and precise inventory directly at the shelf. The Nex.Inventory, a handy, battery-powered reader, simplifies and modernises your entire inventory management. Processes can be followed exactly on a display. The data is transferred to the library system via WLAN in no time at all and is promptly available for further analysis.

  • Mobile, accurate inventory management
  • Battery life: one working day
  • Effective search of distorted media
  • All data in real time at a glance
  • Minimal weight and cordless use

The complete range

According to your media diversity, we offer a large selection of specific RFID labels with SLIX2 chips. From the classic, rectangular label to square or transparent to various ring and booster labels: we have all formats for you. Of course, you can also get the appropriate Nex.Tag dispenser from us to speed up the attachment of the transponder.

Our user ID cards and labels can be individually printed with your logo, images, barcode or text.

And if you need receipt rolls for your self-service kiosk or return system, get in touch!

  • Large selection of RFID labels for media of all kinds
  • Reliable identification of the media
  • Supports AFI media backup
  • Programming according to common industry data-models
  • Compliant: ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 Mode 1
  • Receipt rolls in various sizes, 100% recyclable
  • User cards: RFID, Mifare, barcode

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