All robots?
In the library of the future

Service robots in action

Think one step ahead with us. Relieve your staff, create additional resources. Mobile service robots are effective everyday helpers. Taking over routine activities so that your staff gain valuable time for other activities.

Sorting media or transport a variety of items, we have the right Nex.Robot.

Smart Transport
to all floors


In Oodi, Helsinki's visionary city library, the Nex.Robots move safely between the shelves with full boxes of books. The robot can even call an elevator to get to the right floor independently. Obstacles are clearly recognized. Programming is everything.

  • Accelerated media availability
  • Frees staff from monotonous tasks
  • Variably programmable for all routes
  • Carries media boxes and shelving units
  • Combination with all Nex.Return systems

Inventory maintenance
with maximum precision

The Nex.Robot InvenTORY rushes through the library at night like a goblin, records and checks the shelving arrangement, finds misplaced items and provides you with meaningful data the next morning, which significantly facilitates continuous inventory management. An inventory has never been so easy and accurate.

  • Streamlined, automated inventory management
  • RFID detection rate of 99 percent
  • GDPR-compliant data collection and storage
  • Proven technology for safe, unattended use (CE/TÜV)
  • Up to 12 hours run time
  • Detects and avoids obstacles

Immediately on the shelf

Do your fast-moving items, reserved items or popular media on special topics end up on the shelves quickly enough after they have been returned? The Nex.Robot Shelving operates with precision and care, picking up items from the conveyor belt and placeing them on the shelf ready for display.

  • Intelligent shelving
  • Accelerated media availability
  • Frees staff from monotonous tasks
  • Combination with all Nex.Return systems

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