The Public Library Zug opens from 7 am to 11 pm as Open Library

In response to popular demand from its customers, Zug Library has extended its opening hours in the main building and in the study library from 57 to 96 hours per week. This corresponds to an extension of 68 percent. From Monday to Saturday, the library is now open continuously from 7am to 11pm. Staff are present between 9am and 7pm (on Saturday until 4pm) and both buildings operate as Open Libraries at other times – early in the morning and evenings.


The Zug Library serves as the central hub for knowledge and culture in the Zug region, providing accessible, non-commercial, and inclusive opportunities for education, inspiration, cultural exchange, and meaningful encounters. Library director Jasmin Leuze has a clear vision: "The expansion of opening hours offers us maximum flexibility to reach even more people. We expect about 10 per cent more visitors in the future. Especially the working population as well as the high number of commuters can now use the library more comfortably. Students are also happy to be able to study more flexibly in terms of time."

The head of the education department, Councillor Etienne Schumpf, is fully behind this development: "The Zug library is a very special educational oasis. It is all the more important that the wide and free range of services on offer to the people of Zug is made even better known."

Smart interaction

The Nex.365 Open Library technology not only opens the entrance door, but also activates the lights, the self-service kiosks – all the technical equipment required to make the library's services available even at unmanned times. Access during off-peak hours is possible with an RFID library card or digitally with the eZug app.

"I value Nexbib's innovative and customised solutions and products, specifically the Open Library solution. They offer the necessary flexibility and enormous potential to ensure that our library remains fit for the future. The personalised and outcome-oriented support from the Nexbib team is also worth its weight in gold," says Jasmin Leuze.

This overarching concept aligns with Zug City's Smart City Strategy, which seeks to enhance the residents' quality of life. "We are demonstrating that Zug Library is innovative and has its finger on the pulse" adds Etienne Schumpf. The support from the city council also served to promote general acceptance. "We rely on trust," is the unanimous principle. The RFID gates originally in place to secure inventory were dismantled. This is an accepted trend in the Netherlands, once again opening up library entrances both visually and spatially. For Zug, this is a first small step towards their newly planned space and use concept.

Fresh communication

The launch of Open Library times on 30 October 2023 will be accompanied by an informative campaign that presents the variety of educational offerings plus the increased availability as timely freebies, with a wink - reminiscent of promotions by well-known retailers!

Goals for 2024

Sunday opening, which is especially longed for by families and students, is planned for the coming year. Jasmin Leuze details: "It's not just about the availability of the rooms. We also want to offer high quality, target group-specific library services on Sundays, such as counselling and a programme of events. This requires additional resources. Our modern space and use concept, which aims to improve the welcoming liveability and accessibility of the library, will also be further developed step by step in 2024."

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Public Library Zug | Switzerland

Zug Library is the public library for the city and region of Zug. The history of the city library dates back to the 15th century. It offers a diverse, free range of analogue and digital media as well as events for all age groups. Today, the library's holdings include around 180,000 media. Part of it is the important historical Zug collection, the so-called Tugiensia, which contains about 40,000 media, including the Zug documentation.

The library includes a study library with individual work desks, group rooms, WLAN and a large selection of reference books.

In 2022, the number of visitors increased by 16 per cent to over 175,000 people.

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Nexbib is a provider of future-proof RFID solutions for libraries of all types and sizes. The company develops dynamic library concepts based on contemporary digital strategies and flexible, modularly expandable technology. Together with libraries, Nexbib puts the needs of the community first. Nexbib's solutions not only respond to the habits of today's smartphone society but are also focused on the needs of the next generation. Therefore, sustainability and the 2030 Agenda are high priorities.

Continuous exchange and a collaborative partnership with libraries shape innovations in a practical way. The extensive portfolio enables modern self-service for check-out, return, security and media management. Open Library concepts provide the time flexibility expected today and strengthen the standing of libraries as attractive Third Places.


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