Sleigh bells ring
Snow is glistening

Looking forward to Christmas A little puzzle fun

Click through the windows and find the right answer!
Write down the corresponding letter and put all nine solution letters in the right order.

Zack! And you already know the solution.

We are looking for a term from the Christmas season - something delicious!

Your prize?

As soon as we have your solution word, you will be entered into our prize draw and can look forward to some touching, hugely romantic and properly laugh-out-loud funny reading: The Christmas Wish, the hilarious new festive Christmas romance from the Sunday Times bestselling author Lindsey Kelk.

Good luck and have fun!

Who made the song "Christmas Time is Here" really famous?

K - Prince

C - Madonna

D - Wallace & Gromit

M - Charlie Brown

What is unusual about the Tikkurila Library in Vantaa, Finland?

O - There is a sauna

I  - There is a karaoke bar

R - It is made entirely of ice

A - Only children have access

How many people can the Nex.Count Vector 4D count?

A - max. 15

N - unlimited

O - none at all/only items

U - max. 50 per hour

What's the name of the oldest public library in Europe?

C - Biblioteca Malatestiana

M - Bibliotheca Palatina

N - Bodleian Library

B - Abbey Library of St. Gallen

What happens to laptops in the Nex.Locker LapSafe? They are

T - cleaned

S - safely stored

P - secured + charged

W - recorded with data

Whose braids are held together by two black bows?

A - Pippi Longstocking

E - Obelix

U - The Little Witch

Ä - Greta Thunberg

What are the two lions in front of the New York Public Library called?

E - Astor + Lenox

K - Will + Gentleness

S - Patience + Fortitude

M - Homer + Marge

How many of the Danish libraries are Open Libraries?

L - 75 percent

E - 233 sites

T - too few

I  - more than 80 percent

How many fragrances are in the Osmothèque in Versailles?

E - more than 4,000

T - none at all

N - more than 2,000

S - 135 temporary scents

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