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For any of your treasures Nex.Gates + Nex.Count

It doesn't matter whether it's books, magazines, CDs/DVDs, games, media packages, etc. - your physical inventory is valuable. With our detection gates, they are easily and discreetly secured. The gates can be set up flexibly and are suitable for a variety of entrance widths and meets requirements for wheelchair users, groups and prams.

If only a certain number of people are allowed in your rooms - such as during pandemic times or for structural reasons - our Nex.Count Vector 4D tool is the perfect solution. Providing you with meaningful statistics as to who enters the library, when and where. Peak times and preferred entrances are clearly identified in advance.

Cleverly secured
with the Nex.Gates

Our gates fit harmoniously into any entrance situation, regardless of the width and the architectural specifications. An accurate detection rate of up to 2100 mm plus a possible combination of eight gates for a comprehensive solution. With a variety of simple designs and the latest RFID technology you can find the ideal gate for your library. Because of their minimalist, transparent look and various mounting options, the gates are visually unobtrusive. The integration into our central Nex.Portal software environment extends functions and operational security.

  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Discreet, transparent optics
  • Minimal footprint
  • Reliable 3D detection rate
  • Flexible installation options

Intelligent visitor counting

State-of-the-art infrared technology enables discreet visitor counting with 99% precision. Record streams of visitors and identify peak times so you can plan your staffing requirements. Differentiate between staff, children and adults.

Meaningful statistics allow you to optimise customer service, avoid waiting times and improve the utilisation of library rooms. Thanks to real-time data collection, capacity limits due to any access restrictions can be implemented immediately.

Read more on the meaning of accurate people counting and the experiences of Merton Libraries with Nex.Count.

  • Optical 4D measurement records body heights
  • Proven hardware from the retail sector
  • In-house, tailor-made software
  • Direct mounting to the ceiling, avoiding tampering or impact
  • Privacy compliant and anonymous
  • Expandable with a freely definable room allocation tool

Gain valuable insights
how areas are used

Collect meaningful statistics on library usage with accurate attendance figures. Measure the activity in various zones within the building and access live data on the website for real-time decisions. Ensure the wellbeing and safety of library users by monitoring occupancy levels and implementing appropriate measures.

With Nex.Count Occuspace, track usage in specific zones like public access PCs, various library area, or during events. We exclusively offer public libraries this advanced and proven technology, working closely with our renowned partner, Occuspace, a leader in academic library occupancy and people traffic solutions.

Good Reasons for People Traffic Analysis


Operate smarter

Create efficiencies in building management knowing how spaces are actually used.


Improve visitor experiences

Enhance the way people interact with and use spaces.


Reduce costs

Make data-driven decisions on how specific zones have to be redesigned.


Trust accurate data

Analyze real-time and intelligent data enabling cost-effective management.


Optimize staffing schedules

Schedule your team for peak times, events, or specific areas best.

Maximum convenience

Our goal is to make people counting and analyzing data as easy as possible for you.

Want to install it yourself? We send you devices, you plug them in. That easy. In case you want assistance or training: we're ready to help.

It's plug and play! No need for extra wiring or drilling into walls and ceilings.

No invasive cameras. Personally identifiable information is never used or stored.

  • Works in any type of space regardless of ceiling height, walkway size, or layout
  • Maintains accuracy of over 90%
  • Algorithm considers people may have several devices
  • Real-time data
  • No tracking of specific people in any capacity
  • Security-First and Privacy-Friendly
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