Nexbib and Occuspace partner to deliver real-time occupancy monitoring for Public Libraries

Nexbib, a company dedicated to enhancing visitor experiences at public libraries, today announced a partnership with Occuspace, a leader in privacy-focused real-time occupancy monitoring technology. This collaboration will empower libraries with valuable insights into visitor flow, allowing them to optimize space and resource utilization and enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Scott Hackstadt, President of Nexbib North America, expressed his excitement for the partnership, saying, “Partnering with Occuspace is a pivotal step towards gaining valuable insights into the public library experience. We’re proud to present a proven people counting solution that is leading in the academic library sector. By integrating their traffic monitoring solutions, we aim to empower public libraries to offer a more dynamic, efficient, and user-friendly environment. “


“We are thrilled to partner with Nexbib to help public libraries leverage the power of real-time occupancy data,” said Nic Halverson, Founder and CEO of Occuspace. “Our privacy-first space utilization technology empowers libraries to make data-driven decisions that ultimately benefit both staff and patrons.”

This collaboration combines Occuspace’s infinitely scalable, instantly deployable, and privacy-safe technology with Nexbib’s dedication to empowering libraries to serve their communities in transformative ways.

“By working together, we can provide public libraries with the tools they need to gain a deeper understanding of their space utilization and to offer an unparalleled visitor experience,” added Scott Hackstadt.

Occuspace’s innovative technology provides anonymized and highly accurate data on how many people are present in a specific area at any given time. This information is crucial for libraries, which often experience fluctuations in foot traffic throughout the day.

This collaboration will focus on ensuring library administrators can:

  • Ensure optimal staffing levels: Data can help predict peak hours and ensure sufficient staff is available to assist patrons.
  • Optimize resource allocation: Libraries can strategically place resources, such as computers or staff assistance, in high-traffic areas.
  • Improve space management: Occupancy data can help identify underutilized areas that could be repurposed for additional programs or services.

About Occuspace

Occuspace is a leading provider of real-time occupancy monitoring technology. With our easy-to-use, affordable and privacy-safe technology, businesses and organizations can leverage accurate data on space utilization to effectively design and manage the use of physical spaces to improve operations and ultimately visitor experiences.

About Nexbib

Nexbib is a provider of future-proof RFID solutions for libraries of all types and sizes. The company develops dynamic library concepts based on contemporary digital strategies and flexible, modularly expandable technology. Together with libraries, Nexbib puts the needs of the community first. Nexbib's solutions not only respond to the habits of today's smartphone society but are also focused on the needs of the next generation. Therefore, sustainability and the 2030 Agenda are high priorities.

Continuous exchange and a collaborative partnership with libraries shape innovations in a practical way. The extensive portfolio enables modern self-service for check-out, return, security and media management. Open Library concepts provide the time flexibility expected today and strengthen the standing of libraries as attractive Third Places.


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