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Library users are our joint focus. Providing access for education and culture are a key priority for you and us. Libraries have the power to bring people from all backgrounds with a diverse range of cultures together, strengthening their connections within the community.

Flexible self-service technologies make your library more accessible and convenient to use, creating a Third Place or academic hotspot. This gives you more time to focus on people and your programs.

An intuitive user experience is essential for every generation today. Create a modern library experience for everyone with our dynamic RFID concepts and digital solutions.

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As a library, your services should meet the ever-changing needs of society. Our solutions are designed to support you and simplify your everyday life. Your library is the beating heart of your community, providing a trusted place for families, space for work and study for students and all library users. We provide a variety of innovative solutions, and we will work with you to define how your library can evolve for the future.

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We listen and plan together with you: from our initial consultation and dedicated planning through to seamless project support and final implementation. It's our priority to provide personal, local service and reliable support.

How it works

Sustainable solutions

Energy-saving modes, upcycling of existing infrastructure, ecologically certified materials, planet-friendly production, state-of-the-art equipment, the list is long.

Just ask us!

Sustainability? Of course!
Johan and Frederik receiving the Most Innovative Apprenticeship Award 2023

Hi, did you hear the news?

We've been awarded the title of Most Innovative Apprenticeship 2023!

Yes, not only were we nominated among 95 participants, but we also secured the first place.
We're absolutely thrilled!

Discover the story behind our win and learn about the sponsors of this competition in the Nex.Lab.
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We strongly encourage the exchange of ideas with us and your community and if you have a library story you would like to promote then please reach out and contact us.

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I value Nexbib's innovative and customised solutions and products, specifically the Open Library solution. They offer the necessary flexibility and enormous potential to ensure that our library remains fit for the future.
Jasmin Leuze
Public Library Zug . Switzerland
Nexbib's forward-looking and flexible technologies will enable us to operate in a climate-friendly way in the long term in the interest of our partners and users.
Kira Stine Hansen
The Royal Danish Library . Denmark
Nexbib's new sorting solution isn't just very fast and particularly slim, but also significantly quieter than the previous system.
Bethine Gregersen
Public Library Kolding . Denmark
Thanks to the latest technologies, the return and sorting process has been significantly improved: the system is barely audible, and the workflow is noticeably faster and more reliable.
Ingrid Borg
Public Library Ystad . Sweden
I am happy for you to start your visits as soon as your team are ready, we have never had this type of service before.
Sue Eustace
Wakefield Library . UK
Nexbib were the stand-out organisation in the tendering process and were able to put together a solution that was right for us, at the right price.
Karren Whyte
Merton Libraries . UK
The personalised and outcome-oriented support from the Nexbib team is worth its weight in gold.
Jasmin Leuze
Public Library Zug . Switzerland
At UWL we were seeking an alternative support solution for some of our hardware equipment with sustainability and value for money at the fore fronts of our minds. (...) The competitive quote, positive attitude of all staff at Nexbib and a shared outlook on sustainability sealed the deal.
Lenka Shipton
Library of the University of West London . UK
We were searching for a new supplier of RFID book tags who could also offer technical support and Nexbib has more than delivered on their promises.
Anna Gilbert
Ulverscroft Books . UK
We would highly recommend Nexbib to anyone looking at installing or replacing their Self-Service Kiosks. We were looked after before, during and after the installation, excellent service all round.
Lisa Tuff
Learning Centre Grimsby Institute . UK
We are looking forward to the new relationship with Nexbib, which has been very collaborative from the very first meeting.
Heidi Meyer
Berlin State Library . Germany
In record time, Nexbib replaced and updated our check-out and return terminals as well as the entire sorting system.
Jörg Weinreich
Public Library Bayreuth . Germany
We would recommend Nexbib to everyone who wants to work with a company who delivers on their promises, are professional and most importantly accessible.
Anna Gilbert
Ulverscroft Books . UK
The return system takes up hardly any space, is easy to use, and we really like the functionality of the stacking carts. There are far fewer manual activities, less lifting and better ergonomic workflows.
Anita Lindberg
Public Library Skellefteå . Sweden
Library technologies are continuously developing, and our technology was simply getting on in years. (...) It was time for a modernisation. The new system should not only be expandable in the long term, but also more ergonomic.
Jörg Weinreich
Public Library Bayreuth . Germany

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