Nexbib UK: Reflections on our First Year

Cheadle, June 1, 2022

This month sees the one-year anniversary of Nexbib UK. And what a year it has been, as Nexbib UK’s MD Phillip Sykes writes.

“It is with immense pride and thanks to a lot of individuals’ hard work, focus and energy that we find ourselves celebrating the one-year birthday of Nexbib UK. Building a new business at the best of times is not without it challenges but Nexbib UK was formed in the middle of a pandemic and at a time which sees libraries facing battles with budgets, library user demands, and political / strategic agendas, so without doubt this first year has had its hurdles to overcome.”

These challenges have been met head on with energy and drive to bring a fresh approach and to make a real difference to libraries in the UK.

“What has helped massively is the unwavering support we have received from our European colleagues at Nexbib and the confidence of our many years’ of industry experience. Our ethos of going ‘back-to-basics’ sees us focus on the quality of support we provide and transparent communications at a time when libraries need system support and credible options for the future.”

And it would seem this approach and message has struck a chord with libraries across the UK,

“From all our engagements, projects, and support visits we have received glowing thanks and recommendations that we are providing much-needed services along with a respect and understanding of how library services want and need to be treated. This acknowledgement confirms our reason for being here and active in the UK.”

Nexbib UK have a strong, experienced team with many years spent working within the library sector and are actively building a network of partnerships to bring innovative solutions and services to libraries, Phillip explained,

“Over this past year we have welcomed back into the team many experienced colleagues from the library industry, grown into larger premises and continued to build out our services and solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our enthusiasm for supporting this industry is now extending to new small partnerships and solution providers whose products and services have a great relevance for libraries and would have previously been overlooked without our introductions.”

In reaching this great one-year milestone it has been a good time to reflect on the journey so far and give thanks. But importantly to also look ahead to the future and the new paths the business will take in their quest to support libraries. After two years of living with a Pandemic and with economic uncertainty now facing us, the last thing libraries want is to be sold to. They need the support of commercial businesses like Nexbib.

“It is therefore with much personal thanks and gratitude that everyone here today reading this is in some way part of, and supporting, the next steps and success of Nexbib. We thank you for being part of our first year and we very much look forward to the next 12 months and beyond”.  

Philip Sykes, MD Nexbib UK

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