Enhancing Customer Service & Cost Savings at TEC Partnership Grimsby


In this case study, we explore how TEC PartnershipGrimsby collaborated with Nexbib UK to enhance their library equipment and support services, ultimately improving their operations and student experience.

Nexbib's responsive support, competitive pricing, and smooth installation process made a significant impact on TEC Partnership Grimsby's library service. We chatted to Lisa Tuff, Learning Centre Co-ordinator to find out more.



TEC Partnership Grimsby had to replace their old gate equipment, which was essential for the library's 24/7 operations. Finding a cost-effective solution with improved functionality was crucial, and that's exactly what Nexbib UK provided.


Their libraries enjoy the benefits of RFID and self-service checkout, giving:

  • Improved library efficiency by automating check-in and check-out processes, allowing students to borrow and return items independently while staff focused on providing assistance to students.
  • Enhanced resource security through RFID tagging and self-service machines equipped with security gates, deterring theft and maintaining accessibility of resources for students.
  • Real-time inventory monitoring, automatically updating item availability status, eliminating manual checks, and reducing catalogue errors.

Effective and functioning gate systems are an essential part of this infrastructure.



"Knowing the name of the people that you need to speak to makes a real difference, rather than just calling and hoping to speak to someone. When I've needed anything, Mark has always been on hand and gets back to us quickly." - Lisa Tuff


The introduction to Nexbib came at an opportune time. Simon Peacock from Nexbib reached out to the team at Grimsby as they were experiencing issues with their existing equipment, and so began the conversation. The attentive customer service provided by Nexbib stood out, along with a competitive price point, addressing the concerns TEC Partnership Grimsby had faced with their previous supplier.


Lisa Tuff told us about their positive experience of working with Nexbib:

  • Responsive Support: Nexbib's customer support, led by Mark Beer, proved to be unparalleled. Unlike their previous provider, Nexbib promptly addressed queries and provided effective solutions. Their quick response time and proactive approach ensured that TEC Partnership Grimsby never felt left in the dark.
  • Competitive Pricing: Nexbib's pricing was found to be highly competitive compared to quotes received from other suppliers. The cost-effectiveness of their solutions played a vital role in securing the partnership.
  • Smooth Installation Process: Nexbib’s team, led by Simon, carried out site visits to understand the requirements and assess the existing set-up. While external factors, such as COVID-19, caused some delays, the installation process was ultimately smooth. The gates were successfully integrated into the library system, providing the desired functionalities.
  • Future Collaboration: TEC Partnership Grimsby is impressed with Nexbib's range of services and would not hesitate to collaborate with Nexbib again. In fact, they have already recommended Nexbib to other university libraries, including their site in Scarborough.



TEC Partnership Grimsby's library service stands out from other university libraries, receiving positive feedback from students and staff.

Their commitment to student wellbeing is evident through the inclusion of colourful reading areas and mindfulness rooms in both the HE and FE libraries. These tranquil spaces provide students with an opportunity to take a break, practice mindfulness, and find solace.

The library actively shares its experiences with other institutions, welcoming visits from external colleges interested in replicating their innovative approaches.

With a knowledgeable and experienced staff, many of whom have been with the institute for years, the library ensures a welcoming atmosphere. The team's emphasis on face-to-face interactions and excellent customer service has earned them student awards and staff recognition.

"Our experienced team of staff is one of our biggest strengths. We have many years of experience across the team, and pride ourselves in being friendly and approachable." - Lisa Tuff



Since Nexbib installed the new gates, TEC Partnership Grimsby's library operations have improved significantly. The gates are working to maintain security and reduce missing books. Student numbers are bouncing back, and the library team can now focus on serving students, thanks to Nexbib's support.

Looking ahead, TEC Partnership Grimsby are focussed on keeping up their student-centric services. They've seen more student engagement and have plans to explore ways to make things even better. They know there will be challenges down the road, but they're confident that by teaming up with Nexbib and other key suppliers, they'll be able to tackle any obstacles, bringing in new plans and projects.

In summary, the partnership between TEC Partnership Grimsby and Nexbib has been truly impactful. Nexbib are dedicated to supporting educational institutions to create great learning environments for students by providing library systems expertise, great customer service and competitive pricing.

"I am delighted to be working again with the library staff at Grimsby TEC. Nexbib met with them, listened to where they wanted to be and agreed on the best solution to meet their requirements." - Simon Peacock, Nexbib

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