Integrated thinking!
End to end solution

Our concepts An ecosystem
creating new perspectives

Our concepts ensure future security and efficiency. A centrally controlled platform acts as the heart of your integrated library solution.

The range of concepts is large, as are the customisation options. Immerse yourself in our world of ideas for innovative robot technology or digital solutions. If you would like to expand your services more flexibly and extensively in terms of time, then we should talk about Open Library or our Nex 24/7 offers.

Get inspired by our overall concepts.

Open Library
Open whenever your visitors are free: early in the morning, midday, late in the evening or on weekends. Flexible, safe and tailored to your needs.
Think Mobile
The smartphone is now part of everyday life. Even better if a private device can also help to get access to library services.
Services around the clock look differently with us! Today's online culture demands permanent availability, simple services and independence.
Our all-rounders: transport media or individual shelving units, fill them, call the elevator yourself, drive to the specialist department.

I am happy for you to start your visits as soon as your team are ready, we have never had this type of service before.

Sue Eustace . Wakefield Library . UK